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. this is a warning, people near watertown, massachusetts, eight miles outside of boston, are told to stay inside. do not answer the door unless the people at the door can clearly identify themselves as law enforcement officials. this mayhem unfolded overnight starting with a shooting on the campus of the massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge. that's one mile from where we are standing right now at the scene of the boston marathon attack. >> an officer who was killed on the campus of m.i.t. was killed a short time later, a carjacking took place and a police chase took place after that with reports of explosives involved. during the chase, the transportation authority officer was wounded in a shoot-out and suspect number one was critically wounded and later died at the hospital. we expect a press conference in 15 minutes at the hospital. >> we have drew griffin with us right now on the streets of watertown, massachusetts. again, this is the area right now which is a very active crime scene where people are being told not to leave their houses where it is believed that suspect number two,
, is drew griffin there? is he in watertown, massachusetts right now? watert massachusetts, right now? >> reporter: yes, jake, i can hear you. i can hear you in watertown where the situation -- go ahead. >> please tell us, what are you seeing in watertown? >> reporter: jake, the situation is pretty much the same has it has been for the last hour or so. a significant presence down the street of police. we do have additional video of the suspect that was brought into custody here clothed, and we are hoping we can show that video. this is the suspect that was brought into custody here in watertown. we only know that it's related to whatever did happen here in watertown. we don't want to draw any conclusions to this man, but we do know the fbi was questioning this man. they took him out of the car twice and put him up against a wall, appeared to photograph him, and then placed him back into a car. as far as we know, that suspect is still being held in a police car not far from where i am standing. we understand that one other suspect is still on the loose apparently in watertown and that
a moment. this in and of itself is at least a big deal for the city. in particular, for watertown, which is a very, very quiet suburb. so it is very rare. that's why you're seeing all this activity and all these precautions. >>> all right. i want to take a moment now to update people who are tuning in right now, both domestically and internationally. we're coming to you live from boston, massachusetts. obviously, this is the site just a couple blocks away from where i'm standing where the terrorist attacks took place at the boston marathon, killing three individuals and maiming dozens of other individuals. this evening, the fbi, law enforcement here in boston massachusetts released new photographs, images of two individual suspects wanted for questioning. they're presumed armed and extremely dangerous. those who see them are asked not to try to apprehend them or approach them. two new photographs were now released by the fbi. you're looking at those now. the individuals wanted for questioning appear to be young men, one wearing a white hat, one wearing a black hat. even more photographs.
the car to watertown. the suspects apparently threw explosive devices from the car. at some point during the standoff, they had at least one pressure cooker bomb similar to the ones used at the marathon finish line in boston. one suspect was killed in the shootout. again, the one in the black hat. he was reportedly run over when police approached his body. they discovered an ied strapped to his chest. these individuals were certainly planning on delivering more carnage in their paths, wherever they were going. witnesses reported hearing explosions and a massive gun battle that you can hear in this video between the two suspects and police. here's what adam, who had gunshots come through his window, told us not long ago. >> i went to the window, and right outside of our apartment there were two shooters in between a sedan and a black mercedes-benz suv. they were in between these two cars taking cover behind the black suv, shooting down our street, which is laurel street. they were shooting westward, which looked to be about six to ten watertown police army vehicles. they were shooting abo
newschannel. it is the events in the boston marathon and watertown, massachusetts. let's set the stage for you. we are downtown at boston's back bay. we are a few blocks from the bombing that happened on monday at 2:tift local time. 2:50 local time. watertown is 10 miles west of here near the campus of mit, one of the most press stey yous engineering schools in the world. there is heavy police activity in this area for four to five hours running after a call came in. there were gunshots and the s.w.a.t team moved in. this is a scene still considered active. boston police talking about watertown massachusetts residents to stay where they are and not go outside. wees work throw the information mike levine is with me. mike, your information has been inavailable. what can you report here tonight? >> the latest i am hearing, and perhaps it is stating the obvious, but federal law enforcement does believe what is going on around mit may be related to the bombings on monday. and i am being told local police in the boston area may have arrested someone with, quote, similar features as one of the suspec
event at a convenience store that led into a massive chase on to the streets of watertown. that's where the two suspects reportedly began throwing explosive devices at police officers. these guys are armed and extremely dangerous. one is dead in the hospital. >> they were able to get in the mix of the cops. bill hemmer quickly scrambled to the camera. he joins us right now in boston. you can watch on the monitor incredible video of our guys in the middle of the police zeroing in on whom we believe to be the bombing suspect. >> yeah, it is remarkable. brian, if you are just joining us the viewers at home are just waking up, there has been a flurry of activity over the past 6 hours. really over the last 12-hours. if you back up to 5:00 the fbi is quiet for two-days before breathing to any one in the public and then they came out with the bombshell images of the suspects. suspect number one and suspect number two. it is obvious if you look at the profile of suspect number 2, if there is an individual who knows him they will be identified promptly. look how clear this image is. this is outs
behind you. there's still a lot of activity at watertown. and we're trying to sort of make some sense of this. the only way we can is to try to draw together all of the pieces of the puzzle that are coming to us now. let's just go over, if you don't mind, just taking us through this journey again for the benefit of those viewers across the globe and, perhaps, in the united states who have joined us ought this early hour. it is 2:00 eastern time. 2:00 in the morning. jake, if you could just remind us of what has taken place in the last few hours here. >> reporter: sure. we need to reiterate that even as we try to put these pieces of the puzzle together, they may not go together. they might be pieces relating to a completely different puzzle. obviously, there's a huge interest in what is going on in boston, massachusetts, this evening and the surrounding area because of the investigation into the terrorist attacks here on monday in which three individuals were killed and many others were wounded and maimed. this evening at roughly 5:15, 5:30 p.m. eastern time, law enforcement officials
in the shootout overnight. he was able to escape on foot. it's dark, it's watertown, he knows the area, whatever. do you concur the cops have done a good job here? >> yeah, i think they have. i was really surprised when they came up with the audio and/or excuse me the video yesterday. i thought it would take them days if not weeks to come up with -- >> -- >> bill: the fbi was really
the extensive police operation under way in watertown, massachusetts, is linked to the marathon bombings monday night in boston. >>> 3r069s beat, but revenues miss. microsoft, ibm and google are all out with mixed numbers last night after the bell. >> gamny's sap missed first quarter operating revenues as its performance in asia slip. if i look at the pipeline and the business out there, we have a very, very solid business also in asia pacific. >> and european stocks are higher this morning, despite wall street being on track to post its worst in a year. the jab niece finance minister is insisting his counterpart wholeheartedly back japan's stimulus. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> welcome to "worldwide exchange" this morning. we will bring you the latest business news. we are, also, also watching events under way in watertown, miss massachusetts, this morning. you're looking there at footage, watertown, massachusetts, is the site in the wee hours of the morning where there -- where two young men armed with guns and is exp
in watertown, massachusetts. the other got out with an improvised bomb strapped to his chest. he was shot and killed. the second one, the one with the white hat, got away and is still at large. >> and pete, we've heard -- we know that one officer was killed overnight. that was the m.i.t. campus police officer. we've heard a transit officer has also been critically injured. do we know anything more about his condition? what are you hearing about that? >> no, i think we don't know anything about his condition. we've heard conflicting reports about it, so we don't know one way or the other. >> all right. pete williams live in d.c. we should note, we've been covering this story all night, since it started at 11:00 at night. we were uncertain throughout the night whether any of these events were linked. it started with reports of a shooting at m.i.t. then it turned to the violence that was taking place at watertown. then while all of this was taking place, we were hearing reports of a carjacking. we were hearing reports of a robbery at a 7-eleven. we didn't know if any of this was related. we
into a chase. it disrupted the sleep of these nice people in watertown as the situation goes on. and it looks like it could be here for a longtime -- a longtime. the multi agencies have cordoned off a large area. they have brought in the explosive disposal units and it will take a good bit of time. while they still have the reports of one individual at large, they are not going to leave any stone unturned until the last individual is taken in. as you have heard through like levine and the justice department over there, the hard facts are hard to come by. the facts are coming in fast and loose. but right now they say the one suspect is not connected to the bombing. others are out there and we are trying to see how it all shakes out. >> we will come back to you in a moment. we will go with bill daley who is a former investigator with the fbi. as are you listening to this and hearing the -- we will be with bill in a few minutes. for now we will go back to you, mike if you are still l. mike if you are still there to talk about some of the statements the fbi is coming out with. and you were saying
audience here. give us an idea of what the area of boston, watertown is like. tell us about your neighborhood. >> it is a very residential area, a very quiet area. --traditionally hasn't the it traditionally has a big immigration population. i am armenian and there are a lot of armenians in the area. it has been a little bit of a working-class town that has now become a little more gentrified. but it is very residential. there is a little bit of commercial shopping and restaurants, that kind of thing. i has four square miles, and am not actually sure how the population is, but it is a small town. >> we really appreciate you joining us on the phone, to give us a sense of what it is like to be in the area, in effect of locked down, trapped in your houses. we appreciate that. thank you for the moment. if you are just joining us right now, it is around about 7:10 in the morning in boston. welcome to our continuing coverage of the hunt for the boston marathon bombing suspects. it is about time we brought you up-to-date with exactly what we know so far. in monday's boston marathon bomb
the person unharmed later. >> police followed that car to watertown as is in lockdown right now. the suspects at that point threw explosive devices from their car. at some point during the standoff, they had at least one pressure cooker bomb similar to the ones used in the marathon bombing. one suspect killed in the shoot-out. the one in the black hat. he reportedly then was run over and when police approached his body, they discovered an ied strapped to his chest. witnesses reporting hearing explosions, massive gun battle between the suspects and police. here is what adam kitzenberg told us not long ago. >> i went to the window and right outside of our apartment, there were two shooters in between a sedan and a black mercedes-benz suv. and they were in between these two cars taking cover behind the black suv, shooting down our street which is laurel street and they were shooting westward towards what looked to be about six -- six to ten watertown police department vehicles. they were shooting about what seemed to be 70 to 80 yards down the street utilizing handguns. and while they were engag
is clear on that. >> we're back. you just saw the watertown police describing what has happened tonight there after massive shootouts. one suspect believed to be dead and another one on the loose. you see it is the one with the white cap believed to be on the loose, brian. so far, at least, brian ross, no identification of these suspects. >> we don't have a name yet, that's right, george. we do have, according to the massachusetts state police a clear connection between the two people being sought for the marathon bombing and the two individuals involved here. this continues to be a highly tense situation that they've got members of the s.w.a.t team overhere with automatic weapons and reporters trying to cover the story. one of our producers who wandered off to see what was happening down the road was forced to the ground at the point of a weapon because she had a black backpack on and told there are bombs everywhere, you have to get out of this area. we are also advised to keep our cell phones off at one point for plghig >> as you say, highly tense situation. i want to go now to pierre
everyone have a safe weekend, the willis report is coming up next. >> watertown police chief, the boston police commissioner we will bring you that as soon as it starts. joining me now former fbi special agent and member of the joint terrorist task force they give for joining us. it occurs to me this hour is very important because pretty soon the sun will be setting and it will be difficult to find this 19 year-old. what do you say? >>, the light is one of them. they will have to be concerned as soon as it gets dark he will feel like he can move if he is 10 did also what is the problem is he has to be getting more tired. the less sleep that he has as this goes on the less well his mind will function and it could interfere with his ability to think or make a judgment to keep himself alive. they have two problems. not just some light. gerri: for all we know he may not be a life. he could have died in the crossfire if we don't even know if he is living. what do you say? given that is certainly among the possibilities. there are a lot of them here. if he died in a shootout he wou
ffire inwe are gng watertown and police are responding. breaking news. we have a special edition of "special report'" tomorrow night. continuing coverage here on fox. fair, balanced and still unafraid. >> shepard: there is breaking news now on fox news channel. and it appears that something is happening at this moment in watertown. >> shepard: can i tell you here where we are standing in boston a few blocks from where the original terrorist attack happened, police and swat vehicles have been streaming toward water town for the last two minutes. the first swat vehicle lights and sirens for the first time we have heard here all day according to the crews who have been here. now this word from water town which is the spot where we have been focusing all day long. shots have been fired according to local reports there throrts streaming in fox 25 from boston is live on scene there now. let's listen to their coverage. >> if i'm correct here and i'm told this is the same area where the suspects were spotted last night as well w did hear there was a report that. crystal joining us by pho
multiple times and killed. then, an outbust in watertown, two suspects engaged in a firefight with law enforcements. witnesses reported hearing at least three blast. one eyewitness we spoke to said that he saw the suspects tossing what appeared to be hand grenaded and a pressure cooker bomb at law enforcement officials. i want to bring now in nbc's justice correspondent pete williams live in washington now. >> reporter: well a couple of things. number one, we have heard that one police officer was killed earlier tonight. and now, we hear there may have been a second police officer killed. we have one report about that. as for the two people who were arrested tonight -- or the two, let's use the suspects related to this incident here, we know that one is in custody, and we believe now that we have had at least one report that the other, authorities up there, may be dead. i think they're trying to confirm that now. they don't know for sure. and that's one of the reasons you earlier saw that report that they wanted people to stay in their homes and lock their doors. another possibility is
in their homes right now in the town of watertown, the surrounding towns, as well, and being told to avoid public transportation. it's completely shut down. subways, buses not running and amtrak not coming in and out of the city. we wanted to update you on the major developments unfolding here in the boston area. boston colleges and public schools closed. public transportation shut down. the manhunt intensifies right now for suspect number two, who is on the loose right now. people who work near the arsenal mall in watertown are being told to stay indoors. people who live in the general area, a number of towns in the general area are being told not to venture outside. stay in your houses, businesses staying closed there. at this moment police in the suburb of watertown are searching for the man believed to be the surviving suspect in the boston marathon attacks. the man who's been shown overnight wearing the white cap at the finish line. he is believed to be armed. he is believed to be dangerous. >> let's catch you up to speed. because i've been up all night reporting on this story. overnight sho
. now police are a massive manhunt for the second suspect. pamela brown is a watertown. >> of around 9000 officers on a manhunt in watertown, mass. for a man they're calling a terrorist connecting to monday's marathon bombings. >> one officer dead, and another injured after what has been a very violent night of explosions, shoot outs and a carjacking. >> boston is on as this morning after a night of violence and chaos. >> police responded to the cambridge campus of mit thursday evening when an officer was shot and killed. the area were shut down and the college community warned to stay away. >> if that was the beginning. action, sprung up in the nearby community of watertown. where an alleged carjacking leventhal explosive. gunfire was exchanged and one officer was shot. >> in the exchange of gunfire we believe one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody a second suspect was able to flee from that car. >> the district attorney's office says that the suspect has died. police are looking for a man that matches the description of a second suspect. wanted by the fbi
the town of boston and the community of watertown. it's been an incredible week that people will never forget. again, accommodating this afternoon late at 5:45 with the arrest of the second suspect and when the arrest happened people coming out and literally cheering on the streets. news immediate y having to stay back and pushed back all day and crouching down with law enforcement as their guns were drawn. very intense going house by house to search the suspect. as you see people out here on the streets, feeling released that the suspect suspect has been captured. . >> starting last night with the police chase, there were 200 shot fires from the suspect. the suspect were throwing homemade explosives out of their car as the police were chasing him. i listened to one interview from the gentleman from the home near the shoot out, he says that he and his family were terrified. he kept on praying, he and his family, and wife and the dog all left into the bathroom and jumped into the bathtub. they kept their heads down and praying. now, here is president obama. >> after a vicious attack on
in watertown where the second suspect was finally caught on friday night observed that moment of silence. a s.w.a.t. team officer that made the arrest, actually made that arrest, described the suspect's condition when they found him in the boat. >> when we were moving up to the boat, he was actually laying down on the side of the boat, one leg out, one hand out. >> did he say anything to you? >> i don't think he had energy to say anything. once we got him on the ground, he was complying, going in and out of consciousness. >> the final pursuit of the suspect began thursday night when police received reports of the murder of m.i.t. police officer sean collier. i reached the victim of the carjacking this weekend, and he understandably and politely declined to answer questions about his experience, but he did tell me police did a great job. they are very serious, they are helpful. they saved my life. the federal complaint tells the carjacking victim's story this way. a man approached and tapped on his passenger side window. when the victim rolled down the window, the man reached in, opened the do
. it's a tight-knit community in watertown. i can speak of watertown, if not for the entire new england area. there is a sense of relief. i have seen people applaud the police, applaud the governor when he was making his speech earlier with mayor menino. there is a sense of pride knowing we worked together to solve it, at least bring it to this level. >> there was a blanket of fear over the community, maybe all of new england, not the nation that somebody would set bombs at a sporting event and kill children and maim other children and adults. the carnage here has been oh horrific. as you stand here how do you feel this has reached its conclusion knowing what we have been through? >> i don't know if it has reached a conclusion. it made people wiser. maybe more aware of what's going around them. a little bit more careful. more apt to shake a hand than a fist. i was at the marathon. i saw people instead of running away, ran to the problem. putting their own -- not even thinking of their own personal condition, but worried about there is another of my fellow citizen, another human being wh
incident at watertown just past harvard university on the way outside of boston, a suburb, but there are reports of ordinances on the street, a suspect who has been taken into custody, another one on the loose. and i can just tell you i'm walking up on the scene where there are dozens and dozens of police officers and ambulances circling this little town square area where there seems to be some sort of large event that has taken place involving suspects that may have been connected to the m.i.t. shooting. but we don't know if they're connected to anything else that has happened in boston over this past week. so, as we are trying to ascertain what's going on, we have literally been passed by police officers speeding down very small streets to get to this scene, which i'm coming upon now. we hope to have more information as soon as we can ascertain what has happened from the local police here. >> drew, you mentioned the local police. do we know at this point if the fbi are involved? >> reporter: i keep looking for any kind of u.s. federal officials. the fbi or atf, alcohol t
heavily armored vehicles that we just saw go by, the camera that we have in watertown, that is where they all seem to have converged, very much what appears to be main street watertown, massachusetts. so you just have to wonder what has drawn the police to this very central area of watertown, massachusetts right now. as i say we did hear that one explosion, don't know if it was an explosion or gunfire. it was a limited -- it was just that one loud noise that we heard, at least from the vantage point that we could hear it from, but clearly there is a very, very -- just around the corner from where you're looking right now is a very heavy concentration of armored vehicles. so clearly the police are keeping everybody well back from that location right now, and we will see if indeed they are onto something here. we've had a couple of false alarms. the the police have as well. they are taking everything extremely seriously because they want more than anything right now to bring this second younger suspected accomplice into custody so that they can learn exactly where all of
gente de watertown, cuando se percatan que esto ha ocurrido, el sos sospechoso de 17 a8 aÑos, apres, herido y deÉbil en cualquier m u minuto comenzara una conferencia de prensa de las autoridades para dar mÁs dletalles, lo queÍi podemos contar es que ha sido un dÍa extremadamente intenso en a watertown los oficiales pensaban que tenÍan ensus mirillas a este sospechoso por la maÑana pero u fue hasata hace menos se una hoa que las auytoridades pudieron n entrar en un bote estacionado, e en una kcasa, muy cerca del rÍ c chalrles, en watertown, masach massachusetts, en cualquier momento comenzara la conferencia de prensa, rmogelio mora tagl a estÁ desde al madrugada y tamb tambiÉn ha presenciado la salida de la ambulancia que transpora al sospechoso de 19 aÑos de e d edad, la gente, ahÍ estÁ el s c sospechoso, la gente de watert w watertown al percatarse del paso de la ambulancia ,aplaudia a ls autoridades que pudieron llegar a la concluy dsiÓn de un dÍa y noche tensa, dpespuÉs que esto d dos hnsermanos, el lunes pasad l llevaran a cabo el ataque terrorista en bosto
officer and that applies here in watertown where we are right now, also cambridge, newton, belmont and at this point, all of boston. all of boston. this is the serious situation. we're taking it seriously, we're asking the public to take it seriously, as well and to assist law enforcement by following those simple instructions. we've got every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job and working in concert with each other but we are going to need the public to help us help them stay safe. >> where are you? >> right behind you. thank you. as the governor said this is a rapidly developing situation. we've received information i communicated to mayor menino. the mayor asked moo he to come here and tell you that the shelter in place recommendation has been extended throughout the city of boston. there's a lot of information coming in. we're working very closely and examining all databases. all potential leads and there are offices moving around the city right now. please be patient with us, work with us. if you see anything suspicious, le
in watertown. and police rush to a neighborhood. during a city- wide manhunt for the second teen suspect. wanted in the deadly boston marathonkron 4 news starts at five now at five a terrorist on the loose, a city in paralysis. open the door in boston and nearby towns empty streets, businesses closed, mass transit suspended. a million people told to open their doors to no one home like a war zone, almost earlier, there was a report that many, developments. cnn is reporting that this possible suspect has been in gauged. residents of franklin street is about 1 mi. of this location have been to " shelter in place ". and a cnn and producer heard and various explosions. at this point it bears repeating that this suspect has been engaged according to cnn. there is a crowd gathered at we have seen that many police movements inside and outside. not too far from me the bomb squad has part a vehicle. one of their concerns about if and when was about additional explosives, earlier. when this suspect was engaged along with his brother there were an exchange of explosives. during this exchange, there
to be numerousshosion. ta a liste all right. now don dahler is in watertown right now. don, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. it has been a violent night in boston. around 10:20 this evening reports are that a massachusetts institute of technology police officer was shot dead by two suspects who then fled that scene. there was a massive police search almost immediately. one report has it that these two individuals came upon someone with a car and used weapons to carjack him, took him to a location, allowed him to go free safely, but those two individuals became the subject of a massive manhunt. police from all over the area have diverged on watertown, massachusetts, which, as you said, is just west of boston across the charles river. now, you can see that there are police cordoned on this street here. they've been steadily moving us away from the center of this location as they continue to spread out looking for one suspect. as you said, there was a suspect who was shot and later died, pronounced dead at the hospital. the fbi has been reluctant to link the events tonig
of watertown, massachusetts -- a suburb of boston -- told to stay inside. do not come out of your homes. keep your doors locked. do not let anyone in. police say they believe this is men who have come here to kill people. terrorists who came to kill americans. >>brian: came here to kill people. jennifer griffin standing by. it started before 11:00 last night when an m.i.t. campus police officer was shot and killed, this after responding to a report of a disturbance on campus. a short time later police responding to a carjacking at a convenience store that led to a chase into the streets of a watertown neighborhood. there were reports of explosives being detonated. >>eric: we want to acknowledge our affiliates who are with us also. we want to go to bill hemmer. you've been there all morning long reporting from the scene of the boston bombings. what's the latest? set the scene. >> we are at copley square, near the finish for the marathon on morning. ten miles west of here past fenway park and kendall square is where you'd come across the m.i.t. campus and watertown, massachusetts. moments ago c
of watertown where the surviving suspect is believed to be hiding. that's where he and his older brother ended up earlier this morning after they killed an m.i.t. campus policeman. the older brother, the one in the dark hat, was killed in an intense shootout there that left a boston transit officer seriously injured. [ gunfire ] >> authorities say the surviving suspect may be armed with explosives or even a suicide vest. he may also be injured. some reports say police tracked him during the manhunt by his blood trail. his uncle spoke out today. >> i say dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured, and from those who left. as forgiveness from these people. >> police found today at least seven homemade bombs in watertown and cambridge. authorities are now trying to figure out if the older brother had terror training during a trip overseas last year. meanwhile, president obama has summoned his entire national security team to the white house and is tracking developments from the situation room. as we wait for this press conference, let's
in watertown where we are right now. also, cambridge, waltham, newton, belmont, and at this point all of boston. all of boston. this is a serious situation. we're taking it seriously. we're asking the public to take it seriously, as well. and with this law enforcement, by following those simple instructions, we have every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job and working in concert with each other, but we are going to need the public to help us help them stay safe. where are you, commissioner? >> right behind you. thank you, governor. as the governor said, this is a rapidly developing situation. within the last half hour, we received information that i have communicated to mayor menino the mayor asked me to come here and to tell you that the shelter in place recommendation has tended throughout the of boston. there's a lot of information coming in. we're working very closely with federal authorities in washington. we are examining all databases, all potential leads and there are officers that are moving around the city right now. please be pa
. to the massive law enforcement presence in watertown, massachusetts. the end of a 28-hour lock down, essentially in the city of massachusetts. nobody knew for sure it was going to end this way, but they got him. boston police say they have taken their suspect into custody alive. they brought in an ambulance to transport him. he suffered a gunshot wound and lost blood. it was unclear how weakened he was. this followed the shootout last night. blocks from the neighborhood from the suspect's older brother was killed in a fire fight with police. this suspect taken into custody alive. remarkable ending, including the live shots right now. remarkable, including the reaction of people of greater boston and watertown specifically. remarkable ending to what has been an almost unbelievably tense week-long ordeal in boston and day-long ordeal involving the lock down. almost complete lock down of one of the largest cities in the united states. >> joining us live on the ground in watertown, massachusetts is nbc's erica hill. erica, what can you tell us about where you are and what kind of reaction you're see
echoed by thousands of her neighbors in watertown. cheering police as they pulled out after the arrest. and we have one nugget of information for you about the final arrest. it was officers from the massachusetts bay transit authority police who put the handcuffs on dzhokhar tsarnaev at the very end. they were pleased to have a chance to do that because it was one of their officers who was brian todd in watertown for us, excellent report. we continue to pray for healing and for comfort on the long road that lies ahead for every victim and their loved ones. this is dzhokhar tsarnaev inside an ambulance last night. now under heavy guard at a medical center where some of the people he allegedly harmed have also been receiving care. want to go to elizabeth cohen, she's outside the hospital. there are new details about his injuries since i last spoke with you. what do you know? >> these are very important details from deborah feyerick and susan candiotti. he has wounds to his throat. and this is very, very important. he is intubated and sedated. what that means is he has a tube going down h
with us if you could. skoet cohen is live there in watertown and joins us now with more this morning. scott, good morning to you. >> good morning, andrew. let me set the scene a little bit in watertown, which is to say the least a very tense place this morning. there are police barricades, police lines everywhere. they don't want people around. they've told people to stay in their homes and only open their doors if they know that it's a police officer that's at the door. that is how tense it is because they believe that the so-called suspect number two is at large here and there's a big police pleas ens trying to find him and hopefully take him alive. a short time ago, there was a press briefing a short distance here in watertown. let's listen to a little bit of that right now. >> we had a patient that was coming in with multiple injuries. that patient arrived here at 1:20 by boston ems, by the p1 crew who did an exemplary job. but at that point he was in a traumatic arrest with cpr ongoing. we spent about 10 to 15 minutes trying to res secessuscitate th patient with a number of proc
to stick around for bret, and bill and martha. the ball is yours bill: breaking news from watertown, massachusetts. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer as our coverage continues here near copley square downtown boston, the back bay. near the scene of the explosion monday afternoon. now we have confirmation. if you're just joining us or waking us this morning, suspect number one, age 26 with roots out of chechnya and russia is dead. suspect number two said to be his 19-year-old property is still at the moment on the loose. there is massive manhunt around the city and surrounding communities in and around watertown, massachusetts, to find that 19-year-old and to take him into custody. again i'm bill hemmer. i welcome my colleague martha maccallum also with us from new york. martha, good morning it you. martha: good morning bill. good morning everybody. we know so much more this morning than yesterday at this time, certainly. you see on the right-hand side of the screen who we know were properties. the one on the right is thought to be the leader in this. the 26-year-old brother t
confirming that suspect number two is now in custody. right to the scene in watertown to shepard smith. he has been on the ground all night for the fox news channel. >> reporter: the tweet came from the boston police and reads in all caps captured. the hunt is over. the search is done. the terror is over and justice has won. suspects in custody. it has been a long and difficult four days here in boston and across new england and for that matter across america as many of our viewers who have been watching throughout the night know this all began just before fox reports late in the 6:00 hour when it is our understad all oe together specifically in the hours ahead. right now we are waiting for a news conference and that will happen shortly and we will take you there live. first during the latter half of the 6:00 hour on fox news channel we got word that a woman called police and said you came and slept in my boathouse and there was no one in my boat and things changed. there is a door open and i see blood and maybe bloody clothes. police came. varying reports about how they found out the man
in watertown massachusetts not far from everything going on. i understand you have new video to release. >> this is video i took when the stand off started. the video you're about to see is basically how this unfolded. we were at a location that was a shelter in place area. in the middle of watertown when they called the shelter in place off. then we saw a roll of cars stream back into town like -- lights and sirens on and shortly after that we heard a volley of fire. so just shots fired and at that point, what you're about to see is kind of chris paxton and i, chasing the police into this neighborhood where, where they finally caught this suspect. so what you're seeing now is, basically all of these officers kind of surrounding this area and, and later engaging the suspect. and so we were watching from a vantage point in the parking lot. but prior to that you can see that we were able to get as close as we could to the crime scene when the authorities told us that we were probably going to get hurt. due to the fact that there were some shots fired and that we were too close to the gunf
nothing and but now let's pause while they do. good evening from watertown massachusetts we interrupt you to bring the president of united states on the heels of the announcement of the second of to a rest in the case of the boston marathon bombing that happened monday afternoon. behind me the mayor of boston and the governor of massachusetts, the police chief and dignitaries came for to tell us a 19 year-old suspect under a t.a.r.p. at 67 franklin st. covered up and pleading. he has been injured in a firefight with police last night when his older brother , suspect number one died and he took the vehicle as they threw bombs and hand grenades at police, the second suspect back over his own brother then took off and eventually went on foot and it is our understanding of residents here called police to say i see blood in my shed and i lifted a tarpon there is a man pleading underneath. authorities tried to talk him down and he exchanged gunfire so he was armed and eventually authorities surrounded him and for able to taken into custody. he is injured and he is at mass general. we can learn
an overnight gun battle, which left his older brother dead. police in the suburb of watertown, massachusetts say they're recovering a significant amount of home made explosives at the scenes of last night's violence. and they also say there is no proof yet, repeat, no proof yet of accomplices. a u.s. official says the latest intelligence shows at least as of now no indications the suspects had any direct links to a major al qaeda group or any of its affiliates. let's get the very latest now on the manhunt and the investigation. our national correspondent susan candiotti is joining us. update our viewers here in the united states and around the world, susan, on what we know right now. >> reporter: well, certainly, wolf. the investigation and the search for what happened to the young man we've been calling suspect number two, the younger tsarnaev, has not ended by any stretch of the imagination. they've been working ever since the violence began last night, ever since the manhunt began. after a police officer on the campus of m.i.t. university was shot and killed. that's when the chase began.
. there are two reporters in watertown now. if we have, want to get the latest from them. susan candiotti, update our viewers right now on what's going on. it looks like potentially a critical moment. here we're getting reaction as well. >> exactly. now we -- i did not hear any gun shots from this perspective. i heard people hooting and hollering a little while ago. and then you started to see, again, about three or four police vans come here in a series of police vehicles with lights going. in fact, the back door in one of the vans was flipping wide open. there were police officers inside that vehicle. it took off the street. so talk about a sense of urgency. i would say ten minutes before that, we started to see a series of helicopters. whether thats with related to this, i don't know. but we saw one flying rather low in an area over here and certainly the vehicles have been going off in that direction. but i attempted to find out from the officers here what was going on. i'm not surprised. i didn't get a response only to get back and stay in this area. so we'll continue to monitor and try to f
a properly identified law enforcement officer and that applies here in watertown where we are right now. also cambridge, newton, belmont, and at this point all of boston. all of boston. this is a serious situation. we are taking it seriously. we are asking the public to take it seriously as well. and assist law enforcement by following those simple instructions. we've got every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job in working in concert with each other but we will need the public to help us help them stay safe. >> thank you governor. as the governor said, this is a rapidly developing situation. within the last half hour we received information that i have communicated to mayor manio. he's asked me to come here and tell you that the shelter in place recommendation has been extended throughout the city of boston. there is a lot of information coming in we're working very closely with federal authorities in washington. we are examing all data bases. all potential leads and there are officers that are moving around the city right now. police be p
tight. police in watertown, belmont, newton, camden, telling residents to stay in doors. transit system is shut down. buses aren't running, trains aren't running. businesses told to shut their doors for the day and police are going door to door trying to find suspect number two. they say he is armed and dangerous. his father not only does he believe his sons are innocent but they are supposed guilt is part of a larger american plot. >> somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who they did. they framed them and cowardly they shot the boy dead. there are policemen like that. >> bill: all this while president obama meets with national security team to talk about the latest developments in the investigation or the investigation that begin with the worse terror attack we've seen on u.s. soil since september 11th. mike tobin leading our coverage. he is live in watertown, massachusetts where we expected a briefing in about 25 minutes. mike, hello, what is new this hour? >> i can tell you, bill, there is really only one backbone activity taking place in watertown. that is that door-to-door se
and they were shooting westward towards what looked to be about six to ten watertown police department vehicles. and they were shooting about what seemed to be 70, 80 yards down the street utilizing handguns. while they were engaging in gunfire, they were also using explosives. what seemed to be maybe grenades that they were throwing towards the officers. and the gunfire took place for a few minutes while they were utilizie inine ining explosives. they used what seemed to be a larger bomb. from my view, from my bedroom window on the third floor of our building, it was about -- i was about 35, 40 feet away and it looked to resemble a pressure cooker. what i've seen from other pictures online in the last few days. and they -- i saw them light this bomb and the picture that you're showing me right now was the site where the explosion was. and they lit it and that would be the bomb squad inspecting the site. but they threw it towards the officers and only got maybe 15 to 20 yards down. it wasn't very close to the officers. but it really created a significant decoy. and smoke got covered on the enti
on watertown where a suspect is in custody and reports that the suspect may in fact be tied to the boston bombing. that is the question and we are trying to get confirmation of that right now. but very promising developments and that is a quote from fbi sources that he talked with. >> we want to backtrack for a moment. if you are just joining us. late last night there was a shooting at m.i.t. the campus in boston and the result of that shooting was the death of one police officer on campus. after that there was a carjacking according to police and there were two suspects on the run. an incredible amount of police descending on watertown and cambridge searching for the suspects. we heard one of the suspects in the watertown situation had been apprehended and we were starting to get more information as it trickled in. we were able to talk to our correspondent who has two independent sources from the massachusetts police department that told him that the man in suspect is in fact connected to the marathon bombings that happened earlier this week. >> as we speak a massive manhunt is going on
from watertown, massachusetts just before 7:00 p.m. [ gunshot ] a hail of gunfire just one hour ago in watertown, massachusetts. shortly after police announced the suspension of the stay inside order. you are now looking at a live shot from watertown. where gunfire broke out about an hour ago prompting that massive police response. let's go to nbc news national correspondent erica hill in watertown right now. erica, what is the latest there? >> hey, chris. what we can tell you is there has been an increased police presence in the last hour. we have seen a number of units in and out. we saw a bus load of police officers leaving the scene. they were being brought out. remember the local transit busses have been robot all day it bring police officers in and out. we are learning there is so much talk about this person in a body in a boat seen in aerial photographs. a senior official telling nbc news yes, we think so. meaning that it's him. apparently a woman called in a report of blood in a backyard leading to a boat. boston police department saying he's hit. may have been there all day
was in. police found the 19-year-old bloodied and hiding in a boat in watertown outside of boston. a tip led police to the suspect, bringing a 24 hour man hunt that locked down the city to an end. let's get right to vanita who is in watertown just outside of boston tonight. >> reporter: the 19-year-old bombing suspect is in the hospital at this hour listed in serious condition. he was apprehended after a massive five-day man hunt. a crowd cheered when they heard the suspected boston marathon bomber had been captured. minutes later, an ambulance carrying dzhozkar tsarnaev made its way out of a watertown, massachusetts, neighborhood, ending 24 hours of terror in this boston suburb. he was injured from a boat parked in a driveway. >> the citizens of the city of washington can be confident that the threat has been removed. >> the break in the case came friday evening when a homeowner noticed blood on the boat's protective cover and called 911. law enforcement sources say they exchanged gunfire with the suspect. a neighbor caught the fire fight on video. >> ultimately, the hostage rescue
more americans. we begin in watertown massachusetts where moments ago shots were fired we are of life from the scene with the very latest. >> in the last five or six minutes shots were heard with the massive police response and armored personnel carriers, a s.w.a.t. teams and ambulance as well as dozens of police cars screaming down the street police helicopter up in the air this occurred half an hour after the police and governor patrick ended a police conference admitting it seems that dzhokar tsarnaev got a way they could not establish a perimeter during the firefight which he and his brother had carjacked the car firing at police at the same time while throwing out the pressure cooker bomb last night and he fled on foot the captain said he believes the suspect is still in massachusetts and called on him to give himself up. shortly after that ended shots were heard and we have no specific details but the response was immediate this comes as authorities have lifted the shelter in order affecting 1 million people. imagine that americans sitting in lockdown sitting in their homes not
chance to allow him to take refuge down there, just like they told the residents of watertown, massachusetts to stay inside. if anybody comes buy and knocks on the door, don't answer the door. all this developing. let's bring you up to date now. a little after 3:00 on the east coast. it appears one suspect in the boston marathon terror attacks is still on the run. throughout this hour you'll see this phone number on the right side of the screen if you see that suspect, fbi agents want you to call them, 1- 1-800-call-fbi. swat teams combing through homes and businesses, just 20 minutes away from the marathon finish line. a distance of ten miles. that's where police engaged in a shootout that left one of the suspects, the older one, dead. more on that in a moment. but during their last update. police said the man hunt was still ongoing, this from police. >> progressing through the neighborhood, going door-to-door, street-to-street, we're well over 60 or 70% of what we want to cover up there we do not have any development to tell you in terms of the such -- of the search up there
of massachusetts, that activity would once again start right in watertown. >> we have many guests all day long, and we have spoken to them, about the importance of getting the suspect alive. now, it may not our decision or law enforcement's decision if you understand what i mean. but to get him alive, to question him. did you work with anybody? most importantly, carl and melissa. why? there was no political message here. no banner s flown, just destruction and death. >> so in terms of the willingness of being taken alive. you have to consider that considering the brazenness of the two. they went ahead and attacked officers at m.i.t. so they are willing to go down for whatever cause that they have. whether it be just for themselves. >> a defenseless police officer in a police car, a 26-year-old that was best friends with the officer that is in critical condition. no question, that these two guys are cowards, i think we can agree with that. they do not stand up for their actions, they run off. >> it was said that police are beginning to dismantle the infrastructure that they had set up all day
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